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Ionfinity, a subsidiary in which VIASPACE holds a 46.3% membership interest, is working to develop a “soft-ionization” technology in support of the next-generation mass spectrometers, which could not only revolutionize the traditional applications of MS for industrial process control and environmental monitoring, but could also ring in a new era of detection systems for homeland security. The technology combines two inventions made at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which should totally eliminate ion fracturization thus enable the system to provide a 10x increase in sensitivity, a 10x increase in mass range and the ability to miniaturize the product to make it portable and low cost.

Ionfinity’s technology could not only enhance and benefit the current mass spectrometer marketplace, but could also enable the introduction of a new era in monitoring devices and detection systems for homeland security and defense applications.

Product Focus

The Ionfinity technology is designed to facilitate high sensitivity and specificity in a portable system.  The latest system Ionfinity is working on, a Differential Mobility Spectrometer (DMS) system, will provide ppt to sub ppb level detection within 10 seconds with a system no larger than a shoe box. With its projected ruggedness, low power consumption and cost, the system could be deployed in many applications, where monitoring of air, water or other substances is required. Ionfinity has partnered with Imaginative Technologies, LLC, Sionex Corp., NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the California Institute of Technology, and General Dynamics to develop and field demonstrate this capability for the US Army and US Navy.

Ionfinity also specializes in the system engineering, system integration and component development of systems designed to detect and analyze threat chemistry, toxic gases, explosives, narcotics, and bio-hazardous materials in air, water or solids. 

This work will result in “ground breaking” advances in micro scale detection devices here-to-fore considered too challenging a leap in technology to accomplish. The application here of processes already employed in other industries to DMS and SIM ionization and electronic packaging will lead the way in a paradigm shift in the approach to small ratio element/compound detection. Ionfinity intends to partner with and licensing to Companies with a demonstrated ability to fabricate, market, distribute and support products in the field of mass spectroscopy and analysis. Ionfinity has 5 issued and 6 pending patents. In order to achieve the greatest gains it wishes to license a basket of related technologies that simultaneously address issues related to the development and delivery of low cost, highly efficient, portable instruments for trace sample detection, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and industrial process control operating both in air and water based on an approach involving soft ionization and mass spectroscopy that is not limited in sensitivity or mass range and that does not fragment samples of interest. In order to assure that our intellectual property performs well in the application environment, Ionfinity has outlined how it would like to interact with any company acquiring the technology:

  1. Royalty based license for incorporation of technologies into partner’s instrument or system.
  2. Work with licensee to develop, integrate, test and validate licensed technology resident in their system before it is taken to the market.
  3. Provide tech support to licensee after release.
  4. Become ion production and analysis provider tailoring where needed or advancing if desired.

With a significant body of intellectual property in hand, Ionfinity is interested in licensing a select portfolio exclusively to an industry leader in the mass spectrometry market that will exploit its capabilities to the fullest.

Next-Generation Chemical Analysis

Ionfinity is working to develop the next-generation chemical analysis technology, which could
not only revolutionize the traditional applications of mass and ion analysis of industrial process
control, explosive and toxic gas detection and environmental monitoring, but could also ring in
a new era of detection capabilities which far surpass those used today.


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